Ladies Skirts

This skirt is made with 100% cotton twill,
and has an elastic waist.
It features wide ruffles at the back that give a bustle effect.
Colors: Brown stripe, solid Black, solid Tan
Sizes: XS thru 2XL

Model: Style #CL360

bustle detail

Brown stripe

solid Tan

solid Black

This skirt has an adjustable button closure on back of the waist.
approximate 40″ length
Solid Colors: Blue Denim, Black, Red, Brown, Navy, Purple, White
Stripe Colors: Black/White stripe
Plaids: Burgundy/Green/Navy
Prints: Black Rose #350
Sizes: XS to 2XL


Model: Style #CL35



Blue denim




Black stripe

Burgundy/Green/Navy plaid (shown with #CL4451 blouse)


Black Rose print #350
(shown with #CL4852 blouse
and #B910 belt)

white/black key stripe

white/black key stripe

This long skirt is 100% cotton.

Colors: white/black stripe or red/black stripe

Sizes: small to 2x


Model: Style #CL311

red/black key stripe

red/black key stripe

Black twill, Khaki twill, and Blue Denim (shown with Old West blouse)

Split riding skirt with single button zip front

100% cotton twill/denim or 100% polyester moleskin

Colors: Black twill, Khaki twill, Blue Denim, Rust moleskin
Sizes: Even sizes 6 thru 22


Model: Style #CL70

Rust moleskin

shown with Somerset blouse (#CL4850)

100% cotton denim,

metal buttons,
stitch-down pleats front and back,
brown ultrasuede triangle patches

Colors: Blue Denim

Sizes: Even sizes 6 thru 22


Model: Style #CL30