Welcome to Frontier Classics

wanted_mens_clothingwanted_ladies_clothingWelcome to the FrontierClassics.com website. FRONTIER CLASSICS manufactures authentic reproductions of the clothing styles that were actually worn in the Old West. We are very proud of the reputation that we have earned for making the highest quality, most authentic products, and for providing the best value available.

FrontierClassics.com is not a retail store. This site is intended to show the Old-West clothing styles made by Frontier Classics Clothing Co.

Most of our styles were copied from actual garments from the 1870s and 1880s, or from photographs of that period.

Our clothing is used in major Hollywood motion pictures and television productions, and has become very popular with Old West re-enactors and Cowboy shooters worldwide. The widespread popularity of our FRONTIER CLASSICS clothing is due primarily to word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. We do not participate in major advertising or publicity campaigns, so we can be sure that the enthusiasm for FRONTIER CLASSICS merchandise is genuine and not artificial.

The FrontierClassics.com website was set up to be a resource for all of the retail stores that sell our products. The general public is also welcome to come in and browse, but just remember that FRONTIER CLASSICS clothing is only available through authorized retailers. If your favorite western retailer doesn’t carry our products, be sure to tell ’em what they’re missing.

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